Floating Worry Clouds

If you have a worry, what can you do?  Can you help yourself make the worry better? Lots and lots and lots of people worry a lot… and here is a way that could help you let some of your worries go…

If you catch yourself having a worry or two or three have a little go at this:

  • Take a big slow breath in through your nose and then breathe out of your mouth like you would out of a straw, do this 4 times
  • Each time you breathe out, imagine you are putting each worry onto a floaty fluffy cloud and letting it float away into the clear blue sky.
  • Try practising this little experiment to see it works for you when you are next feeling worried, have difficult thoughts or feelings, remembering to take lovely deep breathes that reach all the way down to your belly.

(Thanks to Natasha Brittan, Mindfulness Coach, for this exercise – toshbrittan.com)

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