Things that make you go YEEEEEAAAAAH!

OK, so we all know that sometimes life can be tough. When it all goes a bit poire-shaped, you need to remember the things that make you go YEEEEEAAAAAH!

There are songs that get you leaping off the sofa and dancing around, joining in at the top of your voice (and probably terrifying the cat!). There are films and TV shows that make you laugh your pants almost actually OFF and cry your eyes almost actually OUT. There are books that feel so real you just step into the characters’ world and root for them all the way. There are hobbies and sports and pets and those very special people – Nans come up a lot – who just make you feel FULL of YEEEEEAAAAAH!

Girls, it’s quite simple. We are amazing. So, when life gives us lemons (or throws a tantie on us in Tesco) let’s not forget that. Here’s one of my fave YEEEEEAAAAAHs:

Now, your mission for today is to treat yourself to one big dose of something that makes YOU go YEEEEEAAAAAH!

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