It’s all about… balance


I know, beautiful, right? But more than that – they were FREE. Free to wander all over the forest in their natural herd, doing what horses do when they’re just being horses. I felt so free just being there with them, in that wide open place, feeling clear space above me and all around me… It was magical, it was inspiring, and it was DELICIOUS!

We can all take a moment to get that feeling of freedom, anytime, anywhere. We just have to remember to reach for it. Anytime you find yourself lost in the thoughts in your mind, or in the hustle of a busy day, just take a deep breath, look up and around you, feel your feet on the ground, throw your arms out wide if you like, and think or say, ‘I am free!’.

I’m not even going to write anymore. Instead here is a moment of freedom for you, right here, right now. So breathe it in…

 …and have a wonderful day!




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