Challenge Yourself

Hi everyone!

Kelly McKain here! I hope you’re having a great summer! Have you ever heard the saying ‘a change is as good as a rest’? The summer hols are the perfect time to put that into practice! I’m sure loads of you are off doing new and exciting things and will be experiencing this already. And for those who haven’t yet, I hope this post will inspire you!

I’ve set myself a new challenge – to learn to jump bareback.  Not over a massive jump like that, but definitely a little one. That’s my vision. More important than what it looks like is what I want it to feel like – which is this:

Free. Fun. Connected. The girl on the right hand side (and in the jumping pic) is Alycia Burton, creator of Freeriding NZ. There are some wonderful videos of her and her horse Goldrush on YouTube.

I’ve just got back from a truly inspiring and totally game-changing Quantum Savvy natural horsemanship camp with Meredith and Shane Ransley. I rode Smartie, a loveable but super-cheeky pony, in just a rope halter and one rein. I learnt how to yield his hindquarter by simply looking at it, and how to invite him to go towards release rather than away from pressure. And about a million other things. And a whole new foundation from which to operate. There were times when I really struggled, amazing ‘aha’ moments, special bonding moments with Smartie, and new friendships.

From this foundation, following all the clear steps in the QS program, I know I can reach my goal of riding free like Alycia. And I’m so glad I put my writing down, left my usual life for a short while and went and tried something new. I feel revitalised and ready for more new and exciting things – a change really is as good as a rest!

So, whatever it is that excites you (and perhaps scares you a little bit!), go and give it a try. It’s time to challenge yourself!


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