A Little LOVE Goes a Long Way

Hi everyone,

Let’s talk about the power of luuuurve!

No, not that crush you have on the fit boy in your French class (although, you can totally practice what I’m going to show you on him too!). I mean, just deciding that you’re going to go about your day feeling and sharing as much love as possible. With your friends, your family, the check-out girl you chat to while you’re buying your large supply of Crunchies (or is that just me?!) and, of course, your pets. In fact, start with your pets – they are often the easiest place to start because they’re soooo cute and loveable.

Sometimes, it must feel like there’s way too much going wrong in the world, and not a lot you can do to make a positive difference. But you CAN make a difference. Showing and sharing love makes you feel good, and gives others a boost, too! And they’ll pass that good feeling on to others, so in your own way, you’ll be helping to make the world a better place.

I’m not asking you to fake it by slapping a smile on your face and saying nice things you don’t mean. I’m saying, feel it first, then it will flow naturally. So – how do you feel it? I’m sure you’ll find your own ways, but here are some that work for me:

1. Get present! We spend a lot of time in our heads every day, thinking about things that happened in the past and planning for the future. Getting aware of the present moment that you are living NOW, and NOW, and NOW (I could go on… and on…and on… ha ha!) helps you feel your feelings more. So, get present (maybe by really looking at the things around you, or the space in between them, or feeling your feet solidly on the ground, or stretching and being aware of your body) and then turn your attention to something or someone that feels good.

2.  Think about that thing, hobby, event or person until you feel a lovely warm feeling of appreciation well up inside you. It might not be love, exactly, and whatever you feel is totally perfect and great. It could be enthusiasm, satisfaction, joy, happiness or the big luuuuurve itself.

3. Carry that feeling around with you and reconnect with it whenever you remember during the day. When you’re with people, let that feeling flow and you’ll find that you appreciate them more, that positive, encouraging things come out of your mouth, that you have more fun, and that you’re getting loads more ideas and more easily solving problems than usual. And the people you’re with will feel your great vibe and send it right back to you!

I’m going to do this with you ALL DAY! In fact, I’m going to do it for the next week, so that if you get to this post a few days late, you’ll know I’m there spreading the LOVE too!

Loads of LOVE, Kelly x

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