Mermaid Rock

Spirulina the Mermaid doesn’t want to sit on a rock singing and combing her hair – she wants adventure! Join this feisty little mermaid as she becomes a pirate, finds a shipwreck, discovers treasure and helps a lost whale find his mum!

 Whale Rescue

Splosh the baby whale is lost. Spirulina wants to help find his mummy, but instead they get caught up in a whole lot of trouble!

Also available as Spirulina and the Lost Whale. 

Treasure Hunt

Spirulina’s father needs her help. All his treasure has been stolen! But can she catch the thief and find the treasure before sunset?

Also available as Spirulina and the Stolen Treasure

Spooky Shipwreck

Spirulina’s sisters have dared her to swim out to the spooky shipwreck. She’s determined to do it – even if it means coming face to face with some grumpy ghosts!

Also available as Spirulina and the Haunted Shipwreck

Pirate Trouble

Spirulina the mermaid thinks that being a pirate for the day will be lots of fun. But being alone at sea can sometimes be scary – especially when there are real pirates about!

Also available as Spirulina and the Pirates

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