Animal S.O.S.

Leah and Amy may be total opposites, but when it comes to helping animals in danger they make the perfect team!

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The Mystery of the Cliff Top Dog

When Amy moves to White Horse Bay she can’t wait to start her riding lessons at the local stables. There she meets fiery Leah, and soon the girls are caught up in their first adventure. Amy has spotted an injured dog stranded on a cliff and the owners are nowhere to be seen. With a terrible storm coming the girls need a plan, and fast – It’s Animal S.O.S. to the rescue!
Stripes Publishing / ISBN 978-1847152404

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The Haunted House Kittens

When the girls discover a litter of kittens whilst exploring a spooky manor house, they know their next adventure has begun! It seems someone has been feeding the kittens, but the house has been empty for years. As Leah and Amy start to unravel the manor’s secrets, they find themselves in terrible danger. Who are the sinister visitors creeping around the gardens and what are they up to? Animal S.O.S. is on the case!
Stripes Publishing / ISBN 978-1847152411 

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The Case of the Secret Pony

When things start to go missing at White Horse Stables, Amy and Leah realise they have another adventure on their hands. It’s only when they discover the culprit behind the thefts that the hidden pony is revealed. But just what is the pony’s secret? The girls need to find out, before it’s too late…
Stripes Publishing / ISBN 978-1847152473

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Hidden Puppy Rescue

The girls can’t wait to meet their friend’s new puppy. But when they get to her house, it’s clear that the puppy is very sick. As Leah and Amy uncover the truth about where the puppy came from, they soon find themselves up to their necks in a daring rescue. More puppies are in danger and the girls have to act fast. But will it be too late? Stripes Publishing / ISBN 978-1-84715-256-5 

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